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Frizzante 1754 – Frizzante 1754 is the kegged version of the exquisite, elegant and beautifully crafted product made from 100% Glera grape from the Veneto region of Northern Italy.

Pimms – Complex fruity notes of bitter sweet caramelised orange and citrus, perfectly blended with sweet warming an intriguing savoury spice notes, with a fresh citrus & soft bitter herbs finish.

London Dry Gin with Cotswold Honey – Smooth, sweet and easy to drink. Low tones of vanilla with classic juniper and silky sweet finish.

English Raspberry & Honey Gin – Ripe raspberries with a slightly tart flavour, balancing faint honey sweetness.

Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin – Powerful notes of pink grapefruit combined with subtle hints of juniper & lime zest.

Chase Seville Marmalade Gin – Waxy citrus oils lead followed by fruity notes – like a hot cross bun.

Chase GB Gin – Zesty citrus & warm spice notes, full bodies with an extra dry finish.

Chase Rhubarb & Bramley Apple Gin – Fresh rhubarb & apple crumble with a hint of cinnamon.

English Apple & Honey Vodka – Crisp Russet apple flavour, fresh tasting with a light honey finish.

Cotswold Honey & Salted Caramel Vodka – Slightly salty with good toffee flavour and buttery honey sweetness.

After Dinner Mint & English Vodka – Dark chocolate and crushed mint leaves. Replicates After Eight Minty Chocolate.

Chase English Rhubarb Vodka – Clean with fresh stewed rhubarb & naturally sweet with a hint of tartness & pepper.

Chase Original Vodka – Just a hint of freshly sliced potato, with a clean, smooth finish with earthy mineral undertones.

Chase Marmalade Vodka – Aromas of orange & lemon marmalades, naturally rich bitter-sweet.

*All spirit units are based on a single 25ml measure and come with a choice of tonic water or lemonade*

Stella (on tap)

Peroni (on tap)

We offer a variety of canned soft drinks and this includes Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta & 7 Up

Water (Still & Sparkling)